Philip M. Coleman

“Every mural tells a story, and there’s a story behind every mural”

I remember my first “wall art”. When we were young, my siblings and I, under the direction, guidance, and participation from our older sister, we created Christmas scenes with murals on a kitchen wall with either construction paper or paint. I’ve been hooked ever since, and here I am fifty plus years later doing the same, in one form or another. I love the opportunity to create something on a large scale. I feel the boundaries are limitless. I can look at a huge wall and see what needs to go where, even before I put pencil to paper to sketch out my idea. I become intimate with the wall. I know every line, shape, shading, and color of that wall and remember those aspects long after I am done painting. But I found from experience with limitless boundaries comes responsibility.

Responsibility to the viewer, to the community. I may have the freedom to design and paint what goes on the wall with the talent and experience I have acquired over the years, but once I am done, my responsibility is to the viewer and to the community. Art can be, and at times, should be subjective. In a way, I give that subjectivity up when I create a mural for the community or a piece of public art. I am putting the art out there to be viewed by many. I must always remember the wall, the environment, the neighborhood, and most importantly, the people who will see the mural day after day. This is what I love the most about paintings murals. This passion has humbly allowed me to create something positive in a sometimes chaotic world. Creation is in all of us, and I am lucky, fortunate, and grateful to be able to share this with others.

Self Employed, Berkeley, CA./Reno,NV./Beverly,MA. — Muralist/Artist
Sept. 1990-Present

Creating artwork and murals for private residence, businesses, and public institutions Teacher/Artist
Sierra Arts Foundation, Reno, NV.
June 1996-Sept. 1998

Taught art at various locations around town. Helped create Youth Art Works-a mural program for youth Art Teacher
Hug High School, Reno, NV.
June 1998-Sept. 1999
Taught high school art grades 9-12. Beginning and advanced art courses

Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA. — Illustration
Sept. 1982-June 1985
Majored in illustration. Scholarship recipient

Laney Community College, Oakland, CA. — Social Sciences
Sept. 1988-June 1992
A.A. Social Sciences

PROJECTS (partial list)                                                             
University St. Library Berkeley, CA. 1994                                                                                                     
West Berkeley Community Mural Berkeley, CA. 1994
Kaffee Klatsch Reno, NV. 1996
Very Special Arts Hug High School Reno, NV. 1996
Youth Art Works Reno NV. 1997
Youth Art Works Reno, NV. 1998
Java Jungle Reno, NV. 1998
Washoe County School District Sparks, NV. 1998
Grace Warner Elementary School Reno, NV. 1998
Alice Smith Elementary School Reno, NV. 1998
Hug High School Reno, NV. 1998
O’Brien Middle School Reno, NV. 1999
Esoteric Cafe Reno, NV. 2000
Boston Children Hospital Waltham MA. 2011
Leather Workers Museum Peabody, MA. 2012
Casa de Moda Beverly MA. 2013
Beverly Gas and Tire Beverly, MA. 2014
Beverly Bootstraps Beverly, MA.  2014
Woodbery Market Beverly, MA. 2013
Marconi Radio Beverly, MA. 2012
Todd’s Sporting goods Beverly, MA. 2013
Legendary Motors Beverly, MA. 2014
Herman J. Spear Post Beverly, MA. 2014
Middleton Legion Post Middleton, MA. 2015
Cityside Diner Beverly, MA. 2015
Hamilton Art grows Here Hamilton, MA. 2014
Cutler School Hamilton, MA. 2016
Cap World Saugus, MA. 2018

Painting large scale murals. Use of equipment include HVLP paint sprayer. Operate both scissor lifts and booms for painting. Work with youth in designing and construction of murals

1998 Sierra Arts Foundation  Endowment Fund Grant
1998 Nevada Arts Council Jackpot Grant

English/ Some Spanish